studio policies

**ARRIVAL - The studio is open 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. Plan to arrive a few minutes prior to the start of your class. This will allow you to check in, put away any personnel items, check in with the teacher at the front desk and prepare your yoga props. Class will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

**FRONT DOOR SIGN - Be sure to check the sign on the front door. If the sign reads ‘WELCOME’, please enter into the studio. If the sign reads ‘CLASS IN SESSION’, please wait just a few minutes outside until the sign is changed. This will prevent you from walking into the prior class during Savasana (the final rest).

**SHOES - Please take off your shoes upon entering the studio. Shoes can be stored in the cubbies underneath of the benches. We request that you do not walk across the studio floors in your shoes. If you have any issues with your feet and need to take the class with your shoes, contact Jen at We will make special accommodations for you.

**YOGA PROPS - Although many students prefer to use their own yoga mat, we do have a basket of mats that students can borrow for the class. Grab a mat out of the NEW basket, and return it to the USED basket so it can be cleaned.

We also have yoga straps, blocks, bolsters, eyes pillows, sandbags, chairs, weights and all the therapeutics balls and rollers used in the various classes.

Practice mindfulness as you are putting your yoga props away. Putting away the props you borrowed will keep the props organized for the upcoming classes.

**CELL PHONES - Please complete any phone calls before entering the studio. Also, please be sure to turn both the ringer and the vibration off on your phone. The vibration can be very disruptive to the students who have their mats placed near the purses and bags.

**STUDENT ACCOUNT - If you are new to South River Yoga, please create a student account. This student account allows you to register for classes and workshops, as well as make purchases. Be sure to include both your email and phone number in your student account. Although it is rare for a class to be cancelled, occasionally it will snow or ice. If you are registered for a class that gets cancelled, it is easier to let you know about the cancellation if we have your contact information.

Create your student account HERE.

**PRE-REGISTRATION - Pre-registration is recommended for our regularly scheduled classes and required for all workshops. Workshops require pre-payment. Classes do not require pre-payment, and our system will allow you to sign up for any regularly scheduled classes without payment. You can purchase a class card by clicking HERE or plan to purchase a class card at the studio.

**CLASS CANCELLATION - If you register yourself for a class and do not make it to the class, you are NOT charged for the class. Although our software tells you to contact the studio if you cannot attend, you do not actually need to email or call. You are only charged for a class if you arrive and check in with the front desk.

**WORKSHOP CANCELLATION - Most of our workshops sell out, so the studio must be notified of any cancellations at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled workshop. A refund will be given for any cancellations given prior to the 72 hours. Any cancellations given within the 72 hours prior to the scheduled workshop will not receive a refund; however, you are welcome to gift your spot in the workshop you are registered for to another person.

**Contact Jen at 314-327-6020 or if you have any questions or concerns.