Accessible yoga (breath, flow & heal)

This is the yoga class for people who don't think they can "do Yoga". Regardless of age, shape, physical limitations or health circumstances, the teacher works with each student to create unique yoga poses in a safe and comfortable setting. While learning the breath and meditation techniques and by gaining the ability to feel energy moving in the body, the students find a deeper understanding of themselves. The result is a healthier, more peaceful body/mind. (Chairs and props are provided.)

Basics of Yoga

New to yoga? Our Basics of Yoga is a slower paced class that welcomes both new and experienced students. After attending this class for a few weeks, students report a decrease in back pain, feel less stressed, and one student said she could touch her toes for the first time in years! In this class you will learn the alignment of basic yoga postures, learn to coordinate the breath with the poses and simple meditation techniques. No yoga experience is necessary for this class.

basics 2.0

Feeling comfortable with some of the basic yoga poses and ready to expand your practice? Beyond Basics was created for the experienced beginner to explore more challenging pose variations, flow sequences and transitions. You will be offered modifications and pose variations, so you can work at the level that is most appropriate for you. Some yoga experience is recommended.

deep stretch and restorative

This class is all about releasing chronic tension! In addition to gentle yoga movements and deep stretching, students will use therapy balls and foam rollers to release tension in the muscles. This class will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to begin your week. No yoga experience is necessary;

dynamic cardio flow

Looking for a challenging class that builds your endurance? This class is a powerful vinyasa style class that integrates short cardio bursts throughout the sequence. The upbeat music helps keep you focused while you build strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga experience is recommended for this class.

energy medicine yoga (class held at 80 degrees)

Begin your morning with this energizing and vigorous practice that combines traditional yoga postures with specific techniques to balance and align your energy body. Each week is themed around a particular chakra (energy wheel), and the practice begins with visualization, affirmations and tapping techniques. The practice then moves through an upbeat vinyasa flow sequence. Come prepared to sweat as this class is held at 80 degrees. Yoga experience is recommended.

gentle yoga

This class is perfect for beginners, seniors, those with injuries and for anyone seeking a slower paced practice. Our gentle yoga sequences include a variety of movements and stretches on the floor, a few standing poses, balance poses, breath work and meditation.  There will be an emphasis on using a variety of props to support the body in order to release tension and increase flexibility. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

gentle yoga with singing bowls

Shift into relaxation on Sunday evenings with this calming flow of poses and singing bowls meditation. You will move through about 50 minutes of gentle movement followed by a 10 minute singing bowls meditation. Singing bowls meditation helps you to relax deeply and has been shown to help with sleep issues.

in the flow

Use this active practice to let go of the day’s stress! Moving your body helps you reduce muscle tension, improves your circulation and calms your nervous system. This class uses the flow of the breath, dynamic flowing movements and longer held postures as a way of clearing your mind so you transition into your evening feeling relaxed. Some yoga experience is recommended.

meditative flow

A state of flow is described as a state of mind where you are fully present and immersed in the current moment Many of us may find that we spend much of our day not fully present but rather caught up in the whirlwind of our mind and at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions. In this class we will cultivate a greater state of presence in the mind through repetitive flow sequences such as somatic flows, earth salutations, sun salutations and more. Class begins with a 10 minute meditation followed by a dynamic flow practice. Some yoga experience is recommended.

meditative flow with singing bowls

This class is your midweek reset! You will move through a 50 minute practice focused on coordinating the poses with the rhythm of your breath, and the class ends with a 10 minute singing bowls meditation. The singing bowls help to focus your mind, decrease stress and help you to sleep better. Some yoga experience is recommended.

philosophy & open levels

Currently our Philosophy & Open Levels class is exploring the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. A short lecture on one sutra is discussed at the beginning of practice, and the yoga practice is themed around that particular sutra through poses, breath work, meditation techniques, mudras and affirmations.

prana Flow

The breath is a powerful component of your yoga practice. Intentional breathing can give you additional stamina for challenging postures, bring grace to your flow of postures and downshift your nervous system. Pranayama Flow is a mixed levels yoga practice. Join us to learn more about the variety of breathing techniques used in yoga.


Yin-Flow is a deeply meditative practice that combines the longer held Yin Yoga poses with dynamic vinyasa style movements to bring greater balance to the nervous system. Activating the relaxation response in the nervous system allows you to feel more calm and clear headed throughout your day. This class begins with the slower, supported Yin poses followed by the more active poses and flows. Some yoga experience is recommended.

YOGA with light weights

Using light weights strengthens your bones, increases your muscle tone and endurance and combines great with traditional yoga poses! This class begins with gentle warm-up movements and poses. You will then use 2 - 5 lb. weights for various repetitions and sets while in yoga poses. The class will close with a few deep stretches to balance out the body. Weights are provided for you at the studio.

yoga for strength & endurance

Want to start your day with an energizing practice? Yoga for Strength & Endurance is a strong and invigorating practice where you will work on more challenging postural flows and transitions. We focus on using alignment and longer holds in poses to build deep muscular and skeletal strength. The class is also centered around a peak posture which is a more challenging pose that we take time to prepare for and explore. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Tired? Modern life and busyness can cause your stress response to be continually turned on leading to feelings of chronic worry and exhaustion. This class focuses on restoration through gentle movements and restorative yoga poses. Restorative poses are done on the floor using a variety of yoga props to support the body, and the poses are held for a few minutes at a time which allows you to relax fully. No yoga experience is necessary.