Yoga & foam rolling with taj


Sunday, September 22nd
1 - 3 pm
Pre-registration is required. Registration link is below.

Foam rolling is a technique that works to relieve stuck tension in the body, as well as promote the individual’s ability to sense, or be aware of, their body.  In this workshop participants will explore techniques using foam rollers and soft tissue (also called “trigger point therapy”) balls, targeting the neck, shoulders, chest and upper back. 

The yoga sequence that will follow will be a gentle practice including upper body mobility and strengthening movements, twisting postures, and spinal waves.  Participants will also be instructed in how to use the breath and attention to postural alignment to assist them during both foam rolling and yoga portions of the workshop.  

All are welcome.  If you have upper body injuries or chronic pain please confirm that your doctor has cleared you for this type of activity, and let the instructor know before the workshop begins.  All props will be provided.

Click HERE to register for the workshop.