Taking the L.I.D. off of Pain with Karen Kowal (RN, LMT, NCBTM)

Karen is the founder of Mother Earth pillows, & she also developed pillossage method of self-care & massage techniques.

Saturday, March 23rd
11 - 1230 Pm
Space is limited. Please pre-register by March 18th, so we have time to order the correct amount of supplies.

Finding a method to decrease pain has led to seeking ‘magic’ solutions using medications for many. But with pills comes with concerns over safety, cost, addiction, treating ‘break-through’ pain without really addressing the source of the pain.  Pharmaceuticals do have their place, but sometimes we need options that really work immediately and help us in ways medications may not be able to.

Chronic pain comes in all forms, for all reasons and never at a convenient time. Pain can affect our lives causing depression, isolation, giving up trying new things …and grumpiness.  This class does not offer ‘cures’. Instead, you will learn to use these techniques for relief anytime day or night, no matter where you are. The relief of pain will often be accurate, ‘spot-on’ and actually delightful as you learn to use a little ‘Hottie’ in unique and diverse new ways!  

This experiential 90 minute Class includes;
~ Basic science of improved and diverse heat uses and how cutaneous nerves respond
~ A ‘Hottie’ you will use in class and take home
~ A 2-page colored guide for treating areas of pain
~ Q&A time
~ Specific demos for working with a buddy (spouse, family member, partner)*
~ Learn what L.I.D. is!

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