one year anniversary celebration

I have always loved the start of the school year which to me has always represented rhythm, routine and the intention to continue to learn and grow. During these first few weeks of the school year, we begin to notice the days getting shorter as we move closer to the Fall Equinox, and traditionally the shorter days meant taking time to slow down, rest and spending some time in contemplation and inquiry. I am excited that our anniversary falls during this time, and I am also excited because our one year anniversary lines up with the New Moon. New moons have traditionally been seen as a time to slow down, create an intention for your month and do a practice to set the foundation for your intention. We will celebrate the New Moon, the start of the school year and the South River Yoga anniversary with a variety of classes and workshops.

Thank you to all of the students who have supported our community space. I am inspired by each of you and your dedication to using yoga as a contemplative practice. From my heart to yours - Namaste.

Love, Jen

P.S. Regular classes will be held on Friday, August 30th & Saturday, August 31st in addition to the workshops. The Sunday and Monday class schedule will be different due to the Labor Day Holiday. Visit our SCHEDULE to see the classes that are scheduled for One Year Anniversary weekend.

new moon yin practice & sound journey with jen

Friday, August 30th
6 - 8 pm
Pre-registration is required.

Are you ready to shift into a deep state of rest & relaxation? We will use this Friday evening practice to release tension from the muscles and connective tissue, quiet the internal dialogue of the mind and shift into deep relaxation. This practice will include some gentle therapeutic movements and yin yoga poses. Yin yoga postures are primary done on the floor, can be done using a variety of yoga props to support the body, and the poses are held for a short period of time (usually 1 - 5 minutes). The sequence of Yin yoga poses will focus on decreasing fear and anxiety, restoring energy and turning inward. This workshop will end with a sound journey with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and drums.

Click HERE to register for the New Moon Yin Practice & Sound Journey.

introduction to meditation with sally denton

Saturday, August 30th
11 - 12 pm
Pre-registration is required. Students can use their class cards/monthly packages or purchase a drop-in class ($15).

Often people think that they cannot meditate because when they sit down to meditate, they cannot get the volume of their thoughts to turn down! If this sounds like you, join us at South River for this Introduction to Meditation workshop. There are many techniques that you can use to learn to work with your thoughts and emotions. These techniques can help improve your focus, increase your patience and increase your capacity to recover more quickly from challenging events. Meditation can give you tools to be able to work more effectively with your thoughts and emotions and can help you better manage stress.

The foundation of meditation is learning to sit comfortably so that the body isn’t complaining so much throughout your meditation! You will learn various ways to sit for meditation, so that you can choose what works best for you. You will also learn a few meditation techniques that you can use to start your own home meditation practice.

Click HERE to register for the Introduction to Meditation workshop.

New moon flow with live guitar with jen

Sunday, September 1st
9 - 10:30
Pre-registration is required.

Join me to celebrate our amazing community and the one year anniversary of South River Yoga! This active practice will include moon salutations and poses that focus on the hips and heart. New moons are focused on new beginnings, and we will use the practice to clear the path in honor of creating an intention for September. This practice will be accompanied by a live guitarist, Kevin K., producer of the upcoming album Obviously Nada.

Click HERE to register for the New Moon Flow with Live Guitar.

Following the practice, the studio will be open for creating a Vision Board. Details below!

vision boards & meditation with sally & jen

Sunday, September 1st
10:45 - 1 PM
Pre-registration is required, but there is no charge for this offering.

Vision boards are a fun and creative way to put your intentions into a tangible form! A vision board is a collage of images, words, quotes and anything else that you find inspires you. Your vision board can be created with a specific intention in mind, or you can create your vision board as a way of representing what is most important to you overall in your life or something to just keep you feeling inspired.

Sally will guide us through an opening meditation, and we will then have the space to work together on our New Moon Vision Boards!

**Please bring your own board for creating your board. I typically use a 16X20 cork board for mine, but poster board can work also. I will bring some tape, tacks and scissors, but please feel free to bring extras of these items. I will bring a bunch of magazines, but if you have any to donate to our event, please bring them! I will also provide some light snacks.

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Listed below are other classes that will be held Sunday, September 1st & Monday, September 2nd. Students can use their class cards or purchase a drop in class for $15.

Sunday, September 1st - Therapeutic Rolling & Deep Stretch with Jen from 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Monday, September 2nd - Basics of Yoga with Marianna from 9 - 10 AM

Monday, September 2nd - Yoga with Light Weights with Lisa from 10:30 - 11:30 AM

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