kristin luna ray workshops

We are so excited to have Luna Ray coming back to St. Louis, Her workshops are a beautiful blend of music, yoga, meditation, pranayama and mantra! Join us for one or both of her workshops. Also, there is a discount for signing up for both workshops (see below)!

Thursday, January 24th
6 - 8 PM
Bhakti in Motion- An Alive Musical Yoga Experience with Luna Ray, Jen Jones & other guest musicians
Join us for a unique, and profound Open Levels yoga practice.  Jen will guide you through a wise sequence of asanas, while Luna and friends lead mantras and music that support and accompany the movement.  The sound and vibration, along with the movement, will leave you vibrating sweetly, and connecting to your heart's calling.
Click here to sign up for Thursday Evening with Luna, Jen & Guests.

Friday, January 25th
9 - 11 AM
Heartglow: A Bhakti Asana Class with Luna Ray
Experience compassion for yourself and others through this Open Levels Light infused class! Luna weaves asana and dynamic movement, with live music, pranayama, and meditation to expand the hearts capacity to love.  
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You can sign up for both workshop for $50
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General Bio
"Luna" Ray is a teacher of yoga, a workshop and retreat leader, kirtan musician and recording artist, and an activist for conscious and empowered community collaboration.  As an advocate for wellness and spiritual growth, Luna works with the deep intention of inspiring and encouraging humans to cultivate an awareness of their inherent wisdom.   Luna believes that by coming together, and using the tools of yoga, including mantra and meditation, we are led to our hearts deepest desires, and we build the strength to act upon them.