Homeschool wellness program
with Jen Jones, Stefanie Byrd, jane gausch & guest teachers

We are excited for offer our first 4-week session of our Homeschool Wellness Program.  This program is dedicated to creating a space where kids can explore a variety of topics including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, writing, music therapy, affirmations, using art to process emotions, conflict resolution and more.  

The Homeschool Wellness Program is a drop-off program designed for children ages 5 - 12. The dates for our first four weeks are as follows:
Monday, November 26th
Monday, December 3rd
Monday, December 10th
Monday, December 17th

Class sessions are from 12:30 - 4 pm.
Cost of the 4 week session is $110, and this includes all supplies for the sessions. Additional siblings can take the four week program for $90.

*Circle Time: Circle time will allow the children to transition into the learning space and become centered and focused.  Circle time may include songs, stories, prayer, as well as the introduction of the topic for that particular day.

*Yoga and Meditation: The weekly yoga and meditation will be led by Jane Gausch, certified kids yoga teacher.  The yoga and meditation is explored using imagination and games which provides an opportunity for children to cooperate, explore, laugh and move without competition or correction.

*Open Ended Art Projects: We will provide the children with various art supplies each week where they will be encouraged to design and create art projects that they are inspired to create.  The art projects will be process focused versus product focused which encourages relaxation, calmness and creativity.

*Topic of the Day: Each week we will offer a wellness topic for the children to learn about.  Listed below are the topics for the current session.

Monday, November 26th - First Aid with Dr. Carrie Magill
Dr. Magill is a former pediatrician, and she is currently a health coach, yoga teacher and nia instructor.  She also homeschooled all four of her kids. Dr. Magill will be teaching the kids all about basic first aid - cuts, broken bones, burns, bites and more!

Monday, December 3rd - “Getting to Know Me” - An Exploration of Identity
The yoga tradition has a beautiful concept known as svadharma.  The concept of svadharma teaches that each person has unique characteristics and strengths.  When these strengths are nurtured, a child’s confidence and self-esteem increases. Children will explore the concept of identity, identify personal strengths and explore positive affirmations.  

Monday, December 10th - A Sense of Community
Students will explore the concept of community and the important role that each person plays in creating a strong community.  We will explore the community of our families and the community of the students in our Wellness Program. We will explore team building activities, kind words versus harmful words and ways to cultivate kindness and care within relationships, as well as ways to care for the Earth.

Monday, December 17th - Winter Solstice Celebration
Students will learn about the tilt of the Earth and its relation to the sun and how this creates our seasons.  The Winter Solstice celebrates the return of the light with the sunlight gradually increasing a little bit each day until the Summer Solstice.  We will celebrate with holiday stories, music, games, art and science centered around the Winter Solstice.

The South River Wellness Program Teachers

Jen Jones. Owner & Co-creator of the Homeschool Wellness Program
Jen Jones, E-RYT 500, received her 200 hour certification in 2007 and completed her 500 hour certification at the Asheville Yoga Center with an emphasis on Yoga Therapeutics. Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, has studied mental health counseling at the graduate level, and has also completed the Mind Body Stress Reduction Program (created by Jon Kabat-Zinn). She is currently studying Ayurvedic Nutrition through Joyful Belly.  She opened South River Yoga in September of this year to create a space for people to explore different aspects of wellness and to create a community for healing.

Jane Gausch, Co-creator of the Homeschool Wellness Program
“I started practicing yoga after hurting my shoulder doing weights at the gym and was hooked after the first class.  I loved how practicing the asanas made me feel physically, but what really kept me coming back was the growing sense of calm and centering that I would feel after taking a class.
The more yoga classes that I took, the more I wanted to share this centering and calmness with my grandchildren and their friends.  I have been teach school age classes at River City MMA and preschool classes at SouthSide Early Childhood Center. I became a Registered Yoga to Grow Teacher for children in the spring of 2017 after completing the required 95 hour training under Susan Mathis in Columbia, MO and completed my adult 200 hour training with Jen Jones in June 2018.”

Stefanie Byrd, Co-creator of the Homeschool Wellness Program
“I hold a Bachelor’s in early childhood and elementary education and a Master’s degree in school counseling.  I worked in a variety of school settings, teaching Pre-K and first grade and also worked two years as an elementary school counselor in the Ferguson Florissant School District before making the decision to stay home with my three children, ultimately leading me to join the ranks of homeschoolers!”